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Shaping the Future of Technology Ecosystems in Colorado

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Our History

TechHubNow! was founded in collaboration with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to energize technology ecosystems across the state. Our journey began as various stakeholders united around the opportunities presented by the Economic Development Administration's (EDA) Tech Hubs program, aiming to propel Colorado into a future defined by advanced technologies that support national and economic security.

Pursuing the EDA program

Our commitment to innovation and collaboration materialized through self organized working groups, each exploring specific technology areas. Guided by a panel of experts, we rigorously tested hypotheses against key criteria such as technology content, diversity, equity, inclusion, workforce development, consortia members, and nationwide competitiveness. 

Since May 2023, our teams have engaged in multiple rounds of iteration, refining proposals to submit the most competitive applications for Phase 1 of the EDA’s program. The standout focus areas, Advanced Energy and Quantum Technology, emerged through this thorough evaluation process.

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Supporting Elevate Quantum

Elevate Quantum, supported by TechHubNow! received a tech hub designation, and we are so proud of the entire team. Led by Corban Tillemann-Dick, CEO of Maybell Quantum and Zachary Yerushalmi, we are well positioned for Phase 2 of the competition.

TechHubNow! also supported an application by the Colorado Cleanrange Consortium, led by Lu Cordova, and we have confidence that Colorado will continue to lead the way in clean energy through the engagement of their consortium.

We are currently supporting the Elevate Quantum team in submitting for Phase 2 of the program, which has the potential to bring $40-70 million to Colorado and establish Colorado as the global leader in quantum. 

TechHubNow! is dedicated to accelerating statewide collaboration to advance Colorado as a leading tech hub through equitable and inclusive partnerships.

Our team


Wendy Lea

Co-Founder and Partner


Brooks D. Johnson

Co-Founder and Partner


JB Holston

Strategic Advisor


Alton Dillard

Media Lead