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Colorado TechHubNow! accelerates statewide collaboration to showcase Colorado as a leader in advanced industries through equitable and inclusive partnerships.


Within Colorado’s advanced industries, we are building an industry-led quantum ecosystem through the EDA’s Tech Hubs program.


Supporting Elevate Quantum

October 23, 2023

Colorado’s Most Competitive Tech Hubs Identified

TechHubNow! and OEDIT selected Quantum Information Technology and CleanTech as the top hubs from 400 nationwide applications aligned with CHIPS and Science Bill technologies. Elevate Quantum in Colorado is one of the 31 designated national Tech Hubs.

February 29, 2024

Phase 1: Designations Made by EDA, including Elevate Quantum in CO

Elevate Quantum received the EDA designation, giving EQ the opportunity to pursue an implementation grant. The deadline to apply for NOFO 2 is February 29, 2024.

Benefits include: recognition, follow on funding, FDI, IP, and Export support, and branding and tech assistance.

Summer 2024

Phase 2: Final RIH Selection - Implementation Grant

The EDA will select 5-10 Tech Hubs from those who advanced from NOFO 1. The program has a $10 billion congressional authorization that will be distributed across the selected hubs. $500 million was appropriated for 2024, with each hub receiving between $40-70 million.

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Components of a successful Tech Hub

  • One to two advanced technologies (KTFA) serve as the clear focal point

  • A strong leader to bring together the coalition and execute on its mission

  • Based in a defined place (MSA), but with clear benefit to surrounding rural communities

  • Attract and grow diverse talent via inclusive ladders of opportunity

  • Grow a collaborative ecosystem of established companies & startups

  • Connect and accelerate industry applied R&D with academia

  • Appeal to investment from private & public sector funding

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